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Bruxism: diagnosis and treatment


This article is available for reading in Russian and Ukrainian.


Abnormal bite is a problem not only of an aesthetic smile and face, but it is also a functional problem resulting in serious consequences for the whole body.

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Bruxism: diagnosis and treatment 1

The objective of our first meeting is to understand what you want, what form of dental care is needed and how much it will cost you.

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The purpose of diagnostics is to put together a correct treatment plan. In order to do this our doctor must determine how the bones are situated, how the facial muscles function and what can be improved in the patient’s smile.

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Bruxism: diagnosis and treatment 2

The examination of the quality of occlusion is not only a diagnosis of dental bite, but also the examination of subjective and objective symptoms, the causes of their occurrence and development, the clinical picture of the disease in a particular patient, his physical and mental health, the degree of changes which make up the nature of the disease.

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