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Dental Implant rejection – causes and symptoms Author: Yaroslav Pavlenko


This article is available for reading in Russian and Ukrainian.


You are put to sleep with the help of an American gas called Sevoran. As a result, the patient feels calm and relaxed and falls into a state of an easily interruptible sleep during the entire operation.

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Our doctor tests the course of the operation on a virtual prototype of the patient’s head and determines the best method of conducting it.

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Installation of implants is an opportunity to restore a lost tooth without affecting adjacent teeth. They are used as roots for individual crowns.

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Dental Implant rejection – causes and symptoms Author: Yaroslav Pavlenko 1

Plasmolifting (PRP therapy or platelet-rich plasma therapy) is a medical technique which helps to relieve inflammation, heal, restore, grow and rejuvenate tissues, improve blood circulation.

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Do you want to maintain a beautiful smile? Definitely! But this requires a solid foundation. The upper and lower jaws are the foundation which forms your beautiful smile, providing a stable supporting structure for teeth and facial features. Defects in these bones can radically change your appearance over time.


The term osteoplasty is also used.


This procedure is recommended in the absence of bone tissue. This condition can develop after periodontal disease, tooth loss or injury. Osteoplasty is also used to prepare the oral cavity for dental implantation.

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