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Types of braces and their differences Author: Andrey Dmytrenko


This article is available for reading in Russian and Ukrainian.


Abnormal bite is a problem not only of an aesthetic smile and face, but it is also a functional problem resulting in serious consequences for the whole body.

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Braces are the most common orthodontic method for correction of occlusion and other teeth alignment disorders. Yet, they are not suitable for everyone and cause certain inconvenience to patients. This prompted the development of new orthodontic technologies. The use of caps (aligners) became an alternative to fixed braces.

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The purpose of diagnostics is to put together a correct treatment plan. In order to do this our doctor must determine how the bones are situated, how the facial muscles function and what can be improved in the patient’s smile.

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Types of braces and their differences Author: Andrey Dmytrenko 1

The Invisalign aligners are transparent and very thin removable corrective dental appliances, which are also called aligners or splints. This method of tooth alignment was proposed in 1999 by the American company Align Technologies. 

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