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Porcelain work schedule for quarantine


Dear patients,

Your health and care of you is an extraordinary task for our company, that is why we cannot ignore the situation at this difficult time for the world.
Due to the fact of spreading coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and quarantine in Kyiv, we are launching the following measures in our branches on Lukyanivska, Podil and Pechersk.

  1. All the clinics work in a quarantine regime, helping patients with urgent cases. If your treatment is planned, we make appointments for you after the 12th of May.

  2. All the patients will have a temperature check in and will be interviewed.

  3. The intensified disinfection measures have already been implemented, the doctors use additional protective means, non-contact hand sanitizers are installed
    We hope for your understanding and ask to take care of your health.
    We are sure, that soon we will be able to return to our usual mode, and so far, please, take care of you and your families.

Nemchenko Olga,
The President of the Medical Group Porcelain

Porcelain work schedule for quarantine  1