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Your child is afraid of the dentist? Something must be done about that!


We love children and hope the feeling is mutual. But what do you do if our work is associated with pain? Saying to children that there is nothing to be afraid does not help. Trying to persuade them through their parents is difficult as the parents themselves are afraid. So, what to do? We sought answers to this question for several years and it finally dawned on us! Interest and drive are stronger than fear. When you are not alone and you have to resolve some very interesting task, fear falls by the wayside.

We engaged the Vzaperti team, the best developers of quests in Kyiv, active mothers and children’s dentists and developed a detective quest called “The Adventures of Cosmotooth”. The objective of the quest is to lead a child into a dentist’s office, enthrall it with some task and make it forget about its fear of while medial gowns and instruments. After all, there are much more interesting things in the dentist’s’ office! The quest has a main hero, includes a map, special effects and a test of logic. The team of Vzaperti did their best.

The quest will definitely be interesting for kids in the 4-7 age range. The game last 1.5 hours and begins on Andrew’s Descent. The game ends at the Porcelain clinic on Vozdvizhenska St.

Sign up to play the game here.

We await with great interest your impressions and believe this is the start of your victory over fear!