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Teeth cleaning

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Professional cleaning of baby teeth at a dentist’s office – guarantee of healthy permanent teeth.

Regular cleaning of teeth is a compulsory procedure for children, which will help remove plaque and avoid serious diseases of the oral cavity.


In children under the age of 6

Cleaning is done with the help of a special toothbrush and toothpaste. Our doctor thoroughly works over each tooth and removes all plaque from them.

Ages 6-9.

A visit to a dentist-hygienist and having the teeth cleaned with professional pastes is compulsory. The fact is neither you nor your child can remove all the plaque from the teeth.

From age 9.

A teeth cleaning procedure can be done for adults using the Air Flow system.

Baby teeth are no less prone to caries than secondary teeth. Additional risk factors include weak tooth enamel and insufficient or irregular home care. These lead to the formation of plaque and favourable conditions for the reproduction of pathogens in the oral cavity. Therefore, hygienic teeth cleaning is necessary for children as well as for adults. It helps to reduce the risk of caries, gum disease and other dental diseases, as well as to protect permanent teeth.


How the teeth cleaning goes in children


Professional teeth cleaning is performed for children using various methods, depending on the age of the child. At the Porcelain Dental Clinics, it is performed by experienced pediatric dentists who easily find contact with the child and can make this procedure painless and useful. Little patients are taught how to brush their teeth properly: special toothpastes and other oral care products for kids are selected.


After the examination, the doctor applies a special solution to the teeth which shows the places of the greatest accumulation of plaque.


In-office cleaning of baby teeth can be performed for children from 2-3 years of age. At this age, only a brush and an abrasive toothpaste which is capable of fully removing soft plaque are used.


At an older age (6-7 years of age), when baby teeth begin to be replaced with permanent ones, an air-flow apparatus and a special calcium-based powder which is applied under pressure to the teeth can be used. This method makes it possible to clean teeth from plaque, tartar deposits and stains from foods and drinks, without damaging the enamel.


In adolescents with permanent teeth, both air-flow with calcium powder and the ultrasonic cleaning method, which is suitable for removing thicker dental deposits (in cases when there is tartar), can be used.

The professional cleaning ends with polishing and gel application to accelerate the enamel mineralization which strengthens it and protects it from plaque.



How often a child should have in-office teeth cleaning


If a child may get acquainted with dentistry when the first teeth appear, then experts recommend the procedure of professional hygiene from 2-3 years of age. It is usually performed every six months. During this time, plaque, which a toothbrush cannot cope with even with high-quality home care, accumulates on the teeth and can only be removed at the clinic.


It is especially important for children to have regular in-office teeth cleaning if braces or other orthodontic structures are installed to correct the bite. In this case, professional hygiene is recommended once every three months.


Porcelain Features

Our task is to teach children (and often his or her parents) how to properly brush their teeth. The fact is that it is better to learn how to do this properly from early childhood than in the years of adolescence.

If your child is visiting a dentist for the first time, the doctor will conduct a game-like adaptation to an appointment: he shows your child how all the adaptations and instruments in his office work and tells exactly how the procedure will go.


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Cleaning for children with fluorination (1 jaw)
640 uah
Cleaning the Air Flow in a dairy and replaceable bite (1 jaw)
610 uah


Even if you brush your teeth in the morning and evening plaque forms on them, which can only be removed with the help of professional cleaning with special solutions. It is important to remember that every 6 months hygienic cleaning of your teeth must be repeated.

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  • 1. How often do we need to make a professional hygiene for our child?

    Once in half a year, combining with the control examination of a dentist.

  • 2. What kind of home dental care does a baby need?

    Toothbrush according to age and children's toothpaste. Dental floss and rinsing solution according to the recommendations of the dentist.

  • 3. How to strengthen an enamel after professional hygiene?

    Using the procedure of fluoridation and sealing immediately after the professional hygiene.



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