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Treatment under anesthesia for children

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While your child is afraid of dentists to the point of panic, this is a chance to remedy his or her teeth.

Initially, a child is not put under complete anesthesia, rather under the initial phase or sedation. A child’s central nervous system is not completely switched off. The child breathes on its own, moves and easily wakes up, just like during a regular sleep.


Consultation with a doctor and an anesthesiologist.
  1. Examination by dentist, X-ray examination, determination of indications for treatment under medication sleep.
  1. Tests (clinical blood count and chemistry panel, urinalysis) and additional examination (for example, ECG in children over 6 years old), if necessary, consultation of related specialists (neurologist, cardiologist).
Conversation with the anaesthesiologist.
  1. Conversation with the anaesthesiologist, preparation for the procedure. An important rule is not to give food or drinks to the little patient at least 4 hours before the procedure.
  1. Putting to medication sleep under the supervision of an anaesthesiologist, work of a dentist and an assistant. Usually, a child enters the room with one of the parents so that unnecessary anxiety and fear would not arise. The drug product for induction anaesthesia is given through a mask, and a couple of breaths are enough to make the child fall asleep.
  1. Recovery from anaesthesia and follow-up by the anaesthesiologist after the procedure are performed in a specially designated room. Our clinic is equipped not only with a room for treatment during sleep, but also with a cosy rest room, in which the child wakes up like after a normal healthy sleep and spends time with his/her parents until he/she fully recovers from sedation. After treatment, the child receives a toy as a gift.

Children are special patients for dentists. They cannot sit in one place for a long time, they can be frightened not only by the sounds of a working equipment, but also by smells in the clinic or the sight of a doctor in a mask. But they also cannot endure a toothache. At the same time, caries very often affects milk teeth even in the smallest children at the age of 1-2 years, and requires mandatory treatment.


In this case, it is possible to provide safe and painless treatment of the baby by putting him/her into a medication sleep.


How safe is the treatment of milk teeth under anaesthesia?


There are certain indications, contraindications and rules for treating child's teeth under anaesthesia.


Indications for treating child's teeth under anaesthesia:


  1. 1. Early childhood up to 4 years
  2. 2. Pronounced gag reflex
  3. 3. The need for single-step long-term treatment in young and older children
  4. 4. Increased anxiety and fear of dental procedures
  5. 5. Allergic reaction to local anaesthetic drug products
  6. 6. Neurological disorders, including hyperactivity



Contraindications for treating child's teeth under anaesthesia:

  1. 1. Acute infectious diseases
  2. 2. Allergic diseases at exacerbation stage
  3. 3. Craniocerebral injury
  4. 4. Epilepsy

Types of sedation and anaesthesia


Various types of sedation are used in paediatric dentistry. Parents are always told which method is suitable for their child.


  • - Moderate sedation. After administration of the necessary medicinal products, the child falls asleep, while spontaneous breathing is maintained, and easily wakes up after all the planned dental procedures have been completed.


  • - Deep sedation. It includes intravenous administration of medications which help a child to fall asleep. Spontaneous breathing is impaired, and the anaesthesiologist constantly monitors heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation.
  • - General anaesthesia. Full anaesthesia is given only in a specially equipped dental office.


For many years now, the Porcelain dental clinic in Kyiv has been using a safe and effective drug product Sevoran (manufactured by ABBOT Laboratories, USA), which is recognized as the best in the world, for the treatment of milk teeth under anaesthesia.


Sevoran is a fast-acting gas that is almost completely eliminated by the lungs in unchanged form and has no effect on the heart, kidneys or liver. When it is inhaled through a mask, sleep occurs after just a few breaths. In this case, only depression of consciousness (moderate sedation) occurs, all other systems work as usual. The dose is calculated accurately based on the time required for the dentist’s work and the child's weight. Waking up from the sleep occurs gently, in a few minutes after the cessation of the drug product delivery through the mask.


More than 3000 children have already undergone dental treatment under anaesthesia using Sevoran in our clinic, so the team has vast experience of work with it.


The benefits of treatment of teeth during sleep for children:


  • - Painless - the child does not experience any unpleasant sensations and stays in a completely relaxed state; there is no addiction after a single use.
  • - Quickly and efficiently - the ability to perform all dental procedures, including surgical procedures, in one visit: usually, 2-3 hours are enough to manage even complex problems.
  • - Safe - modern drug products for anaesthesia are safe for health and are much easier to tolerate by the body than stress. In the Porcelain clinic, a safe drug product is used to induce sleep - gas Sevoran (USA), which is injected via a mask.


The price of treatment of teeth in children under general anaesthesia depends on the time and scope of work of a dentist and anaesthesiologist.


After the treatment, it is necessary to regularly visit a doctor for preventive examinations and professional hygiene, thoroughly take care of your teeth at home. The frequency of visits is determined by the doctor, depending on the condition of oral cavity. For children, this is usually 2-4 times a year.


Painless treatment is a new reality.

Porcelain Features

Treatment under anesthesia for children in Kiev - Porcelain 1

We use a safe medication for treatment under anesthesia – Sevoran gas (U.S.). It is inhaled through a mask.

The Porcelain dental clinic has been treating children under anesthesia for 8 years now. The developed treatment scheme allows for treatment of up to 20 teeth in one appointment or visit.

This is instead of the standard 6 visits. The central nervous system does not switch off during treatment, which is why a child does not feel nausea or dizziness after waking up.

Our anesthesiologist has a special license for the treatment of children.

Treatment under anesthesia is shown to children who suffer from different forms of autism, cerebral palsy and other distinctive features of growth.


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1 hour -
8600 uah
2 hour -
11800 uah
430 uah


Today, materials used for preparing fillings are made of nano-composites. They show all the properties of a natural tooth - transparency, durability, individual shades and enamel designs.

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Regular cleaning of teeth is a compulsory procedure for children, which will help remove plaque and avoid serious diseases of the oral cavity.

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