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Ceramic veneers

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Veneers help improve the form and color of your teeth to give you a beautiful and natural smile.

Veneers are a sparing alternative to crowns. They are installed on the front of a depulped or living tooth, provided that a sufficient surface area is maintained. Only a small amount of tooth enamel is shaved for better contact with the plate. Usually veneers are 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm thick.


Assessment of teeth condition

Assessment of teeth condition for signs of chipping, increased abrasion, carious foci, and composite fillings.  All this may affect the quality of plate fixation, optical characteristics, and the duration of use.

Computer modelling

Computer modelling of your smile with modern equipment and software — Digital Smile Design (DSD). Then the project is transferred to the Exocad or inLab software to create 3D reproductions (to print models).

Then the patients are shown how their teeth will look after ceramic restoration. The doctor explains all the details of the process and the final result, which can be assessed and agreed upon before treatment. You can choose several options for prosthetics, adjust the shape, colour, size, and find the optimal solution.

Tooth shaving or preparation

If there is no caries, gum disease or old fillings to change, the dentist will shave the enamel of the front surface of the tooth and scan it. It will also be used to make a ceramic veneer with the help of special software.

Installation of temporary plastic veneers

They protect the shaved teeth while the permanent veneers are manufactured.

Fitting of permanent veneers

All the plates are attached and the accuracy of their fitting to the teeth is evaluated. If required, corrections are made.

Grinding and polishing

Preparation to the fixation to the teeth surface, installation of veneers, and grinding. They are fixed with special cement, which is matched by colour. This is the way to achieve the perfect match of veneers against teeth.

With age, our teeth wear down, change colour, chip and crack. But we still want to see a beautiful smile in our reflection in the mirror. Moreover, today, a person’s success is determined by their appearance, and the state of their teeth is one of the important criteria.


This problem can be solved with the help of veneers, a type of fixed restoration. These are custom-made dental overlays (micro-prostheses) in the form of plates that correct defects in the tooth crown.


Dental overlays have been used since the 1930s. Perfectly white dental plates were attached just as other dentures. Hollywood celebrities were the first to try them. Modern fixation technology was developed in 1982. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular and reliable methods in aesthetic dentistry and anti-age prosthetics.

Indications for Veneers

With modern dental microscopes we can work within the enamel, so the depth of preparation can be reduced to 0.2–0.7 mm. This makes it possible to preserve the enamel, to which the veneer is fixed with its tooth surface, and achieve the desired optical effect. The service life is extended to 10 years; it can be extended if one follows recommendations of the dentist, maintains good oral hygiene and has regular dental visits.


It is possible to change the colour of teeth by 1–2 or more tones.

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Indications for veneer installation:

  • - Visible discolouration of the teeth. This includes general darkening (yellowness or staining in a different colour, tetracycline teeth) or appearance of individual spots of different colours.
  • - Dental Malformation and Malposition.
  • - Wide interdental spaces.
  • - Enamel defects, chips, cracks.
  • - Disproportionately small teeth of the lower or upper jaw.
  • - Multiple or discoloured fillings are among the consequences of tooth restoration.


Veneers of diverse materials are installed in dental clinics in Kyiv. Ceramic veneers are the most durable.

They are manufactured to match the colour and translucency of natural teeth. Typically, 4 to 10 veneers are installed in the smile area, i.e., on the anterior and lateral teeth. Such prostheses have a service life of 10 years, they do not change their colour and retain their lustre, since ceramics resists colouring substances and protects the tooth.

Contraindications include malocclusion, anatomical peculiarities (e. g., low tooth crowns), bad habits, pathological abrasion.


Methods for Manufacturing Ceramic Veneers


Dental laboratory technicians use various techniques to manufacture veneers:

  1. Layer-by-layer application — a thin foil is swaged around the gypsum model of the tooth, afterwards ceramic mass is layered on it and fired. According to a simplified technique, veneers are made on a refractory model.


  1. Injection moulding — first, wax plates are modelled, and then a veneer frame is formed from a softened ceramic block. Then the finished veneer is painted with the appropriate colour.


  1. Milling is the fastest and most accurate method for automatic manufacturing of all-ceramic structures (CAD/CAM). This is a fully computerised process preceded by scanning and modelling. The result is high-quality micro-prostheses with a minimum number of visits.


Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of ceramic veneers include:

  • - An effective way to correct various defects.
  • - Predictable result.
  • - Minimum intervention (compared with crowns) within the enamel with the hard dental tissues and the nerve The gum is not damaged.
  • - Greater wear resistance, colour stability, smooth surface with lower plaque build-up, which reduces the likelihood of tooth decay.
  • - Rapid installation.

A drawback of veneers is their relatively high cost.

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Thorough diagnostics and planning, computer modelling, and manufacturing of all-ceramic products make it possible to combine the requirements for strength and high aesthetic results. With the development of state-of-the-art technology, veneers are increasingly affordable.

Porcelain Features

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  • Thanks to a digital design we achieve the harmony of your smile with the distinctive features of your face.
  • Test measurement allows you to see your smile prior to the start of treatment.
  • High-quality ceramics ensure the transparency and natural tone and tincture of your teeth.
  • In order that the veneer does not cleave the doctor chooses the corner of its angle for precise contiguity with the adjacent teeth. Veneers do not yield to coloration and do not lose their beauty over time.


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20200 uah

Install 1 veneer from


In order to achieve the form of a future tooth, we can use removal of imprints (impressions of the teeth) and digital scanning (virtual imprints). Scanning is more precise, quicker and more comfortable.

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We start dental treatment from design – we create your virtual prototype and “measure” several forms of smiles. Together we choose the best option. You can see how you will look even before treatment begins.

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Our doctors work with state-of-the-art microscopes, which allow them to find the most unnoticeable problematic sections of the teeth and conduct the required treatment with maximum accuracy.

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The use of Beyond Polus technology makes it possible to whiten teeth by several shades in one procedure with minimal risk of increasing the sensitivity of teeth and surrounding tissues.

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This is an option if the enamel on your teeth is very sensitive, but whitening is desirable and even necessary.

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  • 1. Is it possible to make veneers without teeth fasing?

    Yes, in some cases, you can do it without fasing the tooth, depending on the situation. In other cases, it is necessary to dissect and remove the thinnest layer of your tooth enamel. We need to do it because even the thickness of the veneers (0.2-0.8mm) will distort and “thicken” the teeth if they are simply pasted on top.

  • 2. How long the veneers will stand?

    The lifetime of the veneer is individual. The warranty period is 10-15 years, but with good care, a veneer can stand for 40 years.

  • 3. How to care for veneers?

    Just like for your teeth! Professional hygiene every 6 months is highly desirable. Get rid of bad habits, such as snapping seeds with your front teeth, biting nuts, or opening bottles with your teeth :) You need to choose high-quality oral hygiene products, properly brush your teeth, and use an irrigator.

  • 4. How can I accurately tell and describe to the doctor what shape and color of future teeth do I want?

    To solve this problem, in our clinic there is a service “DSD (Digital smile design)”, which means “Digital smile design”.

    What is it? This is the concept of planning the future shape and color of teeth in relation to the proportions of the face, skull, aesthetic parameters, and the wishes of the patient. The result of this analysis is a project that visualizes the shape and color of patient’s future teeth in a digital version.

  • 5. Can caries develop under veneer?

     It is impossible. Caries cannot form on the surface of the tooth which is covered with veneer. But it can appear on any other tooth surface and subsequently “reach” the veneer. To exclude such a nuisance, it is necessary to visit your dentist once every 6 months for routine preventive examination and removal of dental deposits.



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