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Gum plastics

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A beautiful smile usa harmonious combination of even white teeth andthe proper form of healthy gums.

We often encounter situations where the patient’s teeth are even, have a good color and form, but on one tooth or two the gums seemingly “jumped up” or “dropped”. Then a major differential forms that seriously ruins the smile. In such cases, we advise you have plastics put on your gums to return the to their natural level.


We do an X-ray

On the picture the doctor looks at the level of the bones between the teeth. Relocating the gums is possible only at the level of the bones, otherwise there will be nothing to affix them to.

We compose a prognosis and present it to the client

Any procedure requires a concise understanding of the result. On the basis of the X-ray the doctor composes a prognosis as to how much the gums can be relocated and substantiates the plan to the client

Gum plastic

There are many methods of how to relocate gums. A fragment of the gums can be removed from the heavens or the patient’s existing gums can be pulled up. The course of the operation depends on each specific case.

Result control

It is important to track how your gums are behaving after half a year or more

Porcelain Features

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Our task – to remove the cause of the problem! If the gums began shifting their position there is definitely a reason for this. Often it is an overburdening of the teeth due to an improper bite. Before doing an operation the doctor must make a decision on how to correct the main cause of the problem.

Changing the level of the gums is important prior to mounting of veneers or crowns. Not the other way around!


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Gum plastics - from
3700 uah


We start dental treatment from design – we create your virtual prototype and “measure” several forms of smiles. Together we choose the best option. You can see how you will look even before treatment begins.

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Initially, a child is not put under complete anesthesia, rather under the initial phase or sedation. A child’s central nervous system is not completely switched off. The child breathes on its own, moves and easily wakes up, just like during a regular sleep.

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  • 1. Who performs it?

    It can be performed by both a surgeon and a periodontist under local anesthesia.

  • 2. Why does gingival decay occur and root is exposed?

    There are a lot of reasons. The main ones are the wrong bite, and as a result, an overload of individual teeth or a group of teeth; short frenulum fold of lips and tongue; small vestibule of the mouth; defect dentition; periodontal disease.

  • 3. What happens if you do not have surgery?

    Possible occurrence of caries, hypersensitivity to irritants, mobility and loss of teeth.

  • 4. What should be done before the operation?

    Consultation with a surgeon. Mandatory is the removal of dental plaque.

  • 5. When I smile, you see more gum than teeth? What can you do about it?

    It is necessary to reduce the visualization of the gums in a smile. It is possible to carry out the procedure of lengthening the coronal part of the tooth and / or reducing the depth of the vestibule of the oral cavity. Consultation with a surgeon, orthopedist, and orthodontist is required.

  • 6. Can there be complications?

    Gum plastics, like other surgical operations, is performed according to indications and requires adherence to the doctor’s recommendations during the postoperative period to reduce the likelihood of complications.



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