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Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

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The ultrasonic method can be used for hygiene and prevention, and as a component of the comprehensive treatment of periodontal disease.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is used to remove caked plaque (dental calculus), as well as a prepping procedure for other professional dental procedures. An ultrasonic wave makes it possible to remove all caked deposits quickly, without injuries to the gums and enamel, which sometimes cannot be achieved with the help of mechanical or dry cleaning.



Examination of the oral cavity to establish the exact areas where the ultrasound is needed.

Removal of dental calculus.

Removal of dental calculus based on the protocol from all visible surfaces, and then in the periodontal pockets and areas of the papillae.

Removing plaque.

Removing soft plaque and delicate polishing of teeth with the Air Flow system (on the sandblasting principle).

Polishing teeth.

Dental treatment with fluoride to reinforce enamel and prevent pigmentation, if indicated.

What is dental calculus and do you have it?

Dental calculus is essentially a caked plaque, which for some reason could not be removed from teeth in time, while it was soft. It consists of food debris, bacteria, mucosal epithelium. Gradually, the calculus is saturated with pigments of food, beverages, cigarette smoke, and turns dark. Or it remains invisible when patients consume nothing that can stain it.


Only a physician will be able to say conclusively whether you have dental calculus after a dental examination at the practice. But it is possible to suspect that there are solid deposits somewhere between one’s teeth or in the gingival pocket when one can occasionally feel the taste of blood in the mouth or while using dental floss (when the floss is caught by something).



Ultrasonic cleaning and dental calculus removal

In case a physician found dental calculus, persistent stains on enamel – ultrasonic teeth cleaning is indicated as soon as possible. This is both a hygienic procedure and the prevention of complications which may be caused by deep-rooted plaque.


In the process of teeth treatment ultrasound is delivered spot-on and has a directed action. Therefore, a physician always uses a scaler exactly where dental calculus should be removed. The procedure needs no chemicals, unlike in the cases of whitening.


Ultrasonic cleaning is often combined with Air Flow.


Ultrasonic scaler can be operated in dry mode or with the use of water.


Instrumental ultrasonic cleaning is fundamentally different from dental care at home, even with professional tools or agents. In those places where caked plaque bears against the cervical line of the tooth, enamel and gum – favourable conditions are created for the development of pathogenic microbes. In time, enamel and cervical line in these places can be affected by dental caries: dental calculus disrupts the remineralization process and creates conditions for accumulation of acids. Gums, in those places where caked deposits bear against them, become inflamed and after some time the acute process becomes chronic.


With periodontal disease, large amounts of dental deposits develop in the gingival pockets, and the only way to cure the disease is to start by removing such calculus. One can see plaque in this area on their own only in cases where the process has gone too far, the cervix is exposed, and the risk of tooth loss is high.


The price of ultrasonic teeth cleaning usually includes the entire complex of procedures, taking into account the preparation and the final stage. In Kyiv, the prices of ultrasonic teeth cleaning are almost the same in different clinics, but the quality of services depends on the experience and skill of professionals. It is important to clarify all the details with your dentist before the process begins, including specific procedures you need in combination with the use of ultrasound. When dental calculus removal is combined with periodontal treatment, one may require more than one visit to the dentist.



The use of ultrasonic teeth cleaning in pregnancy

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is one of the methods of choice for removing soft and caked plaque in pregnant women. Ultrasound has no effect on the course of pregnancy and the general condition of a woman, it is absolutely safe for the child (possible only in the second trimester)). Its advantages include the absence of chemicals, the risk of damage to healthy tissues, and pain.


Hormonal changes and increased consumption of minerals and protein in pregnant women significantly increase the likelihood of issues with teeth and gums. In particular, enamel can become less durable, and caked plaque develops more quickly and in larger quantities. Inadequate hygiene during this period can cause tooth loss. Therefore, pregnant women need especially thorough dental care and regular professional ultrasonic cleaning.


Chronic inflammation can only be manifested as bad breath and bleeding gums.



Recommendations after ultrasonic cleaning

General recommendations for patients after professional cleaning are also relevant after the ultrasonic removal of dental calculus. It is important that the patient does not eat or drink dyeing foods for the first two to three hours. The patient is allowed to drink only clean water.


Also, it is recommended to avoid smoking for the first twenty four hours after the procedure.


Supposing the patient would like to maintain the effect of teeth whitening, in the next one to two weeks it is recommended to consume only those foods and beverages that would not stain the enamel. Coffee, juices, red soups, bright vegetables and fruits, sweets with dyes are among those products the patients should avoid.


After the procedure, your dentist will prescribe an antiseptic solution to rinse your mouth in order to avoid inflammation, for example, Angilex for 3 days 3 times a day.


If you follow all the recommendations of your physician, you will need the next cleaning at the dentist no sooner than in six months.


Dental calculus and pigmentation are developing especially quickly in smokers. Therefore, such patients are advised to undergo professional cleaning more often, once every 3 months.

Porcelain Features

With periodontal disease, the ultrasonic removal of dental calculus in the depth of the gingival pockets can be done painlessly and quickly. This improves prognosis for patients at high risk of tooth loss.


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The use of Beyond Polus technology makes it possible to whiten teeth by several shades in one procedure with minimal risk of increasing the sensitivity of teeth and surrounding tissues.

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Ultrasonic teeth cleaning in Kiev, the price of  teeth cleaning with ultrasound - Dental Clinic PORCELAIN 8

This is an option if the enamel on your teeth is very sensitive, but whitening is desirable and even necessary.

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Even if you brush your teeth in the morning and evening plaque forms on them, which can only be removed with the help of professional cleaning with special solutions. It is important to remember that every 6 months hygienic cleaning of your teeth must be repeated.

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Ultrasonic teeth cleaning in Kiev, the price of  teeth cleaning with ultrasound - Dental Clinic PORCELAIN 9

Professional dental care makes it possible to cope with tasks that are unsolvable at home. Even when there are no noticeable deposits of dental calculus, persistent plaque and pigmentation impossible to remove with a toothbrush and dental floss may develop on enamel and cervical line. Sometimes such build-ups are hard to notice on your own, but they are known to harm the enamel and periodontium.

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  • 1. Does it hurt to do ultrasonic brushing?

    This is an absolutely painless procedure; patients with increased tooth sensitivity may experience mild discomfort.

  • 2. How long does ultrasonic brushing last?

    Up to 40 minutes.

  • 3. Is it possible to do ultrasonic teethcleaning pregnant?

    It is undesirable to do in the first trimester. The second trimester is an ideal window for the procedure.



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