Invisalign aligners

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Invisalign aligners

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Comfortable invisible way to balance your bite.

The Invisalign aligners are transparent and very thin removable corrective dental appliances, which are also called aligners or splints. This method of tooth alignment was proposed in 1999 by the American company Align Technologies. 



Orthodontic examination of the oral cavity and assessment of the possibility to use the Invisalign aligners.


Taking casts and diagnostics.

3D models.

Developing two 3D models in the laboratory. The first is your current bite, and the second is the desired result.

Production and ordering of aligners.

Production and ordering of aligners in accordance with a computer model. Each aligner should be worn for 2 weeks. After tooth displacement, a new splint is put on.


The full course of treatment can last 1–2 years.


Until recently, in dental practice, a system of rigid structures — braces — was used for constant wear to correct teeth, and accordingly, to have a beautiful smile and healthy jaws. However, it is possible not to use these brackets, wires and rubber bands.



Features of Invisalign aligners

Less than one millimetre thick, transparent aligners offer patients a much less invasive alternative to orthodontic correction and treatment. The name “invisalign” comes from the English words “invisible” and “align”, which speaks for itself. The practical positive effect of their use becomes noticeable after 4–5 weeks.


The Invisalign aligners are plastic hypoallergenic devices which are made with the use of 3D computer technology and closely match your teeth. These aligners are removable in order to eat, drink or clean the oral cavity, it is necessary to remove them. However, dentists recommend wearing aligners for at least 18–20 hours a day to work effectively.


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Indications for use of Invisalign aligners

Who can become a candidate for using the Invisalign aligners ? These are people whose teeth are rotated, prominent or have uneven spaces. The method is used for adolescents and adults. However, the Invisalign aligners are not used in case of some serious tooth decay or gum disease. Moreover, it is necessary to solve common problems with oral health first before considering Invisalign treatment.


Benefits of Invisalign Technology

  • - Aligners are very aesthetic. They are thin and transparent, therefore, almost invisible.
  • - There is no discomfort when wearing them. After all, the aligners are constructed according to the exact shape of your dentition. Therefore, speech defects are not observed, and you become accustomed to wearing them within one day.
  • - The aligner can be removed, if necessary.
  • - Care is very simple — rinse with water and clean with a regular brush.
  • - The patented SmartTrack material which the aligners are made of is hypoallergenic. Compared to other materials, it fits more tightly to the teeth, provides a more constant force, better elasticity, a more accurate fitting and greater comfort for the patient.
  • - Thanks to Invisalign Technology, teeth alignment is more predictable and the length of treatment is shorter.


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Invisalign aligners: price

The Invisalign aligners usually cost no more than traditional braces. The set comes with a container and several aligners so you can visit the orthodontist once every few months, instead of making regular corrections, as is the case with braces.


If you need a beautiful smile and oral health — call us today. Remember that even teeth are not only beauty, but also health. The Invisalign aligners which are almost invisible on the teeth are just for the invisible correction of abnormal bite! Orthodontists at the clinic have been trained and obtained the necessary certificates and extensive experience in using the Invisalign method in dental practice.

Porcelain Features

The Invisalign aligners are plastic hypoallergenic devices which are made with the use of 3D computer technology and closely match your teeth.


Invisalign system
189000 uah


When the wisdom teeth begin cutting into the gums, most people shudder.

Experienced surgeons at Porcelain easily perform an extraction of even the most complicated teeth. This procedure is painless and safe.

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The purpose of diagnostics is to put together a correct treatment plan. In order to do this our doctor must determine how the bones are situated, how the facial muscles function and what can be improved in the patient’s smile.

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Even if you brush your teeth in the morning and evening plaque forms on them, which can only be removed with the help of professional cleaning with special solutions. It is important to remember that every 6 months hygienic cleaning of your teeth must be repeated.

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The examination of the quality of occlusion is not only a diagnosis of dental bite, but also the examination of subjective and objective symptoms, the causes of their occurrence and development, the clinical picture of the disease in a particular patient, his physical and mental health, the degree of changes which make up the nature of the disease.

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