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Plates (or lamella)

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Parents have one choice: correction with removable plates at the ages of 6 to 10 years or a long-term remedial measure with the help of braces at an older age.



The purpose of diagnostics – to put together a treatment strategy. For this our doctor analyzes 3 types of X-rays, gypsum models of the jaw and photographs of the child’s face based on which he puts together a step-by-step plan of action.

Preparation and fixation of plates

In our doctors’ arsenal – more than 50 types of plates. The doctor chooses the treatment method depending on the specific case of the patient.

Control check-ups

Treatment can last for one year or more. On ceor twice a month our doctor must see the child to install the device so that it applies the necessary pressure on the teeth and then he relocates the plates.

Replacement of plates

In certain methods plates should be replaced several times. Every device fulfills its function, which depends on its form and function.

Identification of potential orthodontic problems at an early age, when the teeth and jaw are still developing, helps to prevent serious and expensive treatment later in life. Fixing a plate on children’s teeth is one of the orthodontic methods which helps to correct the bite and dentition, as well as sleep disturbances and other disorders in children under 12.


Usually, such appliances are fixed when a narrow jaw becomes an obstacle for the normal eruption of permanent teeth and the formation of a sufficient space for the dentition.


A dental plate is an orthodontic appliance or apparatus which is usually made individually of plastic and metal. The plastic part of the appliance is fixed on the inner part the teeth, and the metal wire holds the apparatus.

Orthodontic plates make it possible to apply force precisely to those teeth which require correction. At the same time, they act more gently than braces, and the price of dental plates is much lower. Their advantages include the fact that they do not affect tooth enamel.


Types of plates for teeth alignment:

  • - non-removable plates — they act continuously; fixed for the entire period of correction with the help of glass ionomer cements;
  • - removable plates— their force of action is periodic, but they should be worn at least 22 hours a day; fixed with clasps (special hooks), arcs and other appliances.



Indications for the use of dental plates

  1. 1. Narrow jaw.
  2. 2. Fixation and keeping the teeth in the required position and prevention of their displacement.
  3. 3. Correction of the palate width.
  4. 4. Correction of bite which is also known as crossbite of anterior teeth when it is necessary to lower the upper front teeth in front of the lower teeth, as well as to correct protruding teeth.
  5. 5. Crowding and rotation of teeth when it is necessary to stimulate the growth of the jaw.



The fixation of the plates is not indicated when there is no malocclusion, as well as in case of severe irritation of baby teeth which should be treated before fixation.


Care for plates


It is easier to care for removable appliances than non-removable ones. They should be washed under running water and cleaned with a toothbrush and soap twice a day.

If the plates are not used all the time, then they should be stored in a special dry container.


Non-removable appliances are cleaned after eating with special brushes.


It is important to visit a doctor in a timely manner to monitor treatment and for professional hygiene.


Treatment usually lasts not less than 6-12 months.

Porcelain Features

Removable orthodontic appliances: dental plates for children – Porcelain 1

We work by the Orthotropia system – sciences on the course of growth of the face. It proves that when a child is growing the form of its jaw can be altered and create a place for even, permanent teeth.

Our doctors personally learned from John Mew (United Kingdom) – the author of the Orthotropia methodics. This year he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

The result of treatment depends on the doctor’s strategy and the quality of the plate itself. We work with the manufacturers of devices that can technically realize a doctor’s concept.

If the case of your child requires particular methods, the doctor will choose the necessary type of device and the form of treatment. Our doctors belong to exclusive orthodontist’s clubs all over the world and they analyze complex cases together with their colleagues.


Removable orthodontic appliances: dental plates for children – Porcelain 3

Country of study: Turkey

Furman Viktoria Serhiyivna
Removable orthodontic appliances: dental plates for children – Porcelain 4

Country of study: Italy

Mazur Olena Serhiyivna


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The purpose of diagnostics is to put together a correct treatment plan. In order to do this our doctor must determine how the bones are situated, how the facial muscles function and what can be improved in the patient’s smile.

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