Kirill - Smile Design


Doctor - Andrey Turkiv (Smile design and installation of veneers) - doctor-curator, orthopedist, specialist in aesthetic dentistry

- Kirill, 30 years old

- tooth erosion, gaps between teeth, enamel fissures, discoloritis

Before and after treatment


Kirill - Smile Design 1

Additional procedures: professional hygiene, whitening, braces on the lower jaw

Term of treatment
- 1.5 months

Kirill - Smile Design 2

Andrey Turkiv:
"One of the difficulties was the replacement of two previously installed crowns on the central incisors. Next task was to close the gap between the incisors. The work was carried out using ultra-thin veneers (0.3-0.5 mm) made in a digital protocol using CAD / CAM technology"


Kirill - Smile Design 3



  • Digital Smile Design

  • Digital "wax forecast"

  • Printing a prototype of teeth on a 3D printer

  • Fitting a mocap

  • Preparing the teeth for the installation of veneers under the operating microscope Carl Zeiss

  • Fixation of ceramic veneers

  • Professional photo session as a gift

Kirill - Smile Design 4


"My work involves constant communication with people. The beautiful smile gives confidence and helps me to establish contacts with others"


We start dental treatment from design – we create your virtual prototype and “measure” several forms of smiles. Together we choose the best option. You can see how you will look even before treatment begins.

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Our doctors work with state-of-the-art microscopes, which allow them to find the most unnoticeable problematic sections of the teeth and conduct the required treatment with maximum accuracy.

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Veneer – this is a thin ceramic overlay, which is fixed to the front part of a tooth. Its thickness is all of – 0.3-0.7 mm.

Thanks to veneers, a beautiful and natural smile is preserved for years to come.

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