Iryna - total transformation of a smile


Team of doctors: Maria Imshenetskaya - doctor-curator, orthopedist; Victoria Furman - orthodontist; Inna Yarosh - endotherapy; Maxim Voronin - surgery; Andrey Turkiv - smile design

Patient - Irina, 55 years old

The problem is complaints about the curved position of teeth, old bridges from gold.

Before and after


Iryna - total transformation of a smile 1

Maria Imshenetskaya:
"The case was not easy.
The patient had a bite pathology, dullness of the teeth, dental alveolar deformities, asymmetry of the jaws, atrophy of bone tissue in some areas, old bridges, periodontitis, periodontitis, multiple caries, chipped teeth and seals. In such cases, treatment can not be carried out quickly, but step by step we have come to an excellent result"

Initial situation


Iryna - total transformation of a smile 2

Additional procedures, preparation for orthodontic treatment
Diagnosis and treatment planning (CT-scan, TWG, photoprotocol, diagnostic models), coordination of treatment plan
Periodontal treatment
Endodontic treatment of canals
Therapy (treatment of caries, temporary restorations on the front teeth), temporary prosthetics (replacement of old bridges and crowns with temporary ceramic)

The beginning of orthodontic treatment - Dr. Victoria Furman

Iryna - total transformation of a smile 3

Surgery - Dr. Maxim Voronin
Wisdom teeth extraction
Setting the microimplant according to orthodontic indications

End of orthodontic treatment (13 months)


Iryna - total transformation of a smile 4

Digital smile design - Dr. Andrey Turkiv

Iryna - total transformation of a smile 5

Permanent prosthetics, stabilization of treatment - Dr. Maria Imshenetskaya
The total duration of treatment - 1.5 years


Iryna - total transformation of a smile 6


A crown helps to restore a severely decayed tooth, return it to its previous form and function and protect it from the formation of cavities later on. These crowns are used in the restoration and treatment of teeth canals and implantation.

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Iryna - total transformation of a smile 7

When the wisdom teeth begin cutting into the gums, most people shudder.

Experienced surgeons at Porcelain easily perform an extraction of even the most complicated teeth. This procedure is painless and safe.

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Choose from 5 types of brace systems: metallic, plastic, ceramic, lingual (or glossal) and combined (front teeth – ceramics, side teeth – metallic). The system consists of locks (braces), which are affixed to the teeth and arcs that join them.

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We start dental treatment from design – we create your virtual prototype and “measure” several forms of smiles. Together we choose the best option. You can see how you will look even before treatment begins.

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