Svitlana - veneers+whitening



Doctor - Pavlenko Yaroslav (installation of veneers) - medical director, surgeon-implantologist, orthopedist; Andrey Turkiv (smile design)

- Svetlana, 33 years old

The patient's problem is
unsatisfactory aesthetics in the smile zone, the appearance of the old crowns

Before and after treatment

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Additional procedures - professional hygiene, whitening

Term of treatment
- 1 month

The initial condition of the teeth and the DSD project



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Yaroslav Pavlenko:
"The old crowns needed to be replaced because of their appearance.Our planning and technological capabilities allowed Svetlana to see the result before the treatment started and make the right decision"

Stages of treatment


  • Professional dental hygiene

  • Home whitening with individual caps

  • Digital Smile Design

  • Fitting the mocap and matching the shape of the teeth

  • Preparing the teeth for the installation of veneers

  • Fixation of ceramic veneers


We give a professional photo session with styling and make-up to each patient after the treatment. A great way to capture your changes and a new image!

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"I complexed because of my smile, but now everything has changed! I feel confident. My smile looks much more natural"


We start dental treatment from design – we create your virtual prototype and “measure” several forms of smiles. Together we choose the best option. You can see how you will look even before treatment begins.

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Veneer – this is a thin ceramic overlay, which is fixed to the front part of a tooth. Its thickness is all of – 0.3-0.7 mm.

Thanks to veneers, a beautiful and natural smile is preserved for years to come.

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This is an option if the enamel on your teeth is very sensitive, but whitening is desirable and even necessary.

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