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Valery - treatment of teeth in medical sleep


Doctor - Zaslavsky Alexander

Patient - Valery, 5 years old

Problem - tooth decay, pulpitis, negative experience of dental treatment in early childhood

Before and after

Valery - treatment of teeth in medical sleep 1

Alexander Zaslavsky:
"The child had a negative experience of dental treatment, and the baby really wanted white and beautiful front teeth. Since our little patient lives in another city, we provide all the treatment in one visit under medical sleep"

Term of treatment - 2,5 hours


  • Photopolymer seals (9 teeth)

  • root canal treatment (3 teeth)


Initially, a child is not put under complete anesthesia, rather under the initial phase or sedation. A child’s central nervous system is not completely switched off. The child breathes on its own, moves and easily wakes up, just like during a regular sleep.

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Modern-day parents know all too well that baby teeth must be treated!

Up on the first signs of cavities in a child's baby teeth, we recommend not postponing a visit to a dentist.

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