Vladimir - ceramic veneers + crowns


Doctor - Maria Imshenetskaya, chief doctor of "Porcelian Tatarka", doctor-curator
Patient - Vladimir, 42 years old
Problem - Periodontitis (poor-quality canal filling, inflammation in the bones around the tips of the roots). Old unaesthetic crowns on the front teeth, abrasion, discoloritis.

Before treatment


Vladimir - ceramic veneers + crowns 1

Teeth before treatment

Vladimir - ceramic veneers + crowns 2


Additional procedures: endodontic treatment
Term of treatment - 3 weeks

Vladimir - ceramic veneers + crowns 3

Smile design (by Andrey Turkiv)
Removal of old crowns
Preparing the teeth for the installation of veneers under the operating microscope Carl Zeiss
Fixation of ceramic veneers and crowns

After treatment


Vladimir - ceramic veneers + crowns 4

All patients of the clinic receive a professional portrait photo session after the treatment - as a gift!

Vladimir - ceramic veneers + crowns 5




We start dental treatment from design – we create your virtual prototype and “measure” several forms of smiles. Together we choose the best option. You can see how you will look even before treatment begins.

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Our doctors work with state-of-the-art microscopes, which allow them to find the most unnoticeable problematic sections of the teeth and conduct the required treatment with maximum accuracy.

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A crown helps to restore a severely decayed tooth, return it to its previous form and function and protect it from the formation of cavities later on. These crowns are used in the restoration and treatment of teeth canals and implantation.

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Vladimir - ceramic veneers + crowns 6

Veneer – this is a thin ceramic overlay, which is fixed to the front part of a tooth. Its thickness is all of – 0.3-0.7 mm.

Thanks to veneers, a beautiful and natural smile is preserved for years to come.

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