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24-time enhancement for maximum precision

Our doctors work with state-of-the-art microscopes, which allow them to find the most unnoticeable problematic sections of the teeth and conduct the required treatment with maximum accuracy.



Use of a microscope often helps to see hidden defective sections of a tooth.

Treatment of canals.

The Canal System Consists Of A Multitude Of Branches, the smallest of which can reach 1mm in size, which is why absolute precision is required here..

Proshtesis and aesthetics.

The beauty and naturalness of your smile depends on the precision of the work of the orthopedist, while the microscope in this work allows to factor in all anatomical particularities of a tooth and conduct its restoration with maximum precision.

Porcelain Features

Dental treatment under a microscope: prices in Kiev - Porcelain 1

The Porcelain dental clinic is a reference representative of Carl Zeiss in Ukraine.


Dental treatment under a microscope: prices in Kiev - Porcelain 2

Country of study: Germany

Voronin Maksym Valeriyevych
Dental treatment under a microscope: prices in Kiev - Porcelain 3

Country of study: Germany

Imshenetskaya Maria Leonidivna


Tooth preparation using a microscope - 1 tooth
640 uah


Today, materials used for preparing fillings are made of nano-composites. They show all the properties of a natural tooth - transparency, durability, individual shades and enamel designs.

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A crown helps to restore a severely decayed tooth, return it to its previous form and function and protect it from the formation of cavities later on. These crowns are used in the restoration and treatment of teeth canals and implantation.

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With age, our teeth wear down, change colour, chip and crack. But we still want to see a beautiful smile in our reflection in the mirror. Moreover, today, a person’s success is determined by their appearance, and the state of their teeth is one of the important criteria.


This problem can be solved with the help of veneers, a type of fixed restoration. These are custom-made dental overlays (micro-prostheses) in the form of plates that correct defects in the tooth crown.


Dental overlays have been used since the 1930s. Perfectly white dental plates were attached just as other dentures. Hollywood celebrities were the first to try them. Modern fixation technology was developed in 1982. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular and reliable methods in aesthetic dentistry and anti-age prosthetics.


Indications for Veneers

Veneers are a sparing alternative to crowns. They are installed on the front of a depulped or living tooth, provided that a sufficient surface area is maintained. Only a small amount of tooth enamel is shaved for better contact with the plate. Usually veneers are 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm thick.


With modern dental microscopes we can work within the enamel, so the depth of preparation can be reduced to 0.2–0.7 mm. This makes it possible to preserve the enamel, to which the veneer is fixed with its tooth surface, and achieve the desired optical effect. The service life is extended to 10 years; it can be extended if one follows recommendations of the dentist, maintains good oral hygiene and has regular dental visits.


It is possible to change the colour of teeth by 1–2 or more tones.

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Modern-day parents know all too well that baby teeth must be treated!

Up on the first signs of cavities in a child's baby teeth, we recommend not postponing a visit to a dentist.

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Treatment of canals under a microscope – this is a precise examination of an affected tooth for the quick removal of the source of pain. This technique allows to effectively work with complicated cases and restore a tooth after poor quality work.

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Dental treatment under a microscope: prices in Kiev - Porcelain 7

The main difference of this type of filling is in its material. Ceramics is ideally similar to the enamel of a tooth by its properties.

Such a filling is a modern-day alternative to a composite filling.

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